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Unsung Concertos
Reinhold Glière: Concerto in F Minor for Coloratura Soprano and Orchestra, Op. 82
In our series of unsung concertos, here comes a composition that is actually sung but the words are not articulated! As we all know, the human voice has long been considered the quintessential musical instrument. Capable of producing an intricate
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Muses and Musings
The Red Poppy
Reinhold Glière and Yekaterina Geltzer
Yekaterina Vasilyevna Geltzer was a prima ballerina of the famous Bolshoi Ballet, who danced in the theatre from 1898 to 1935. Her father Vasily was an outstanding mime dance and director at the theater, but he believed that his daughter’s
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Reinhold Gliére (1875-1956): Heir to Russian Romantic Music
Considered the heir of the Russian Romantic musical tradition, Reinhold Moritzevich Gliére (1875-1956) primarily composed on a grand scale and in large forms. His music is well known for its expressive melodies and colorful orchestration inspired by Russian folklore. Gliére
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