Poets from the East

Leonid Desyatnikov
From Kashchey’s Life

Evelyn Chang, piano

From Poets from the East (2009)

Released by Avie Records

Leonid Desyatnikov: From Kashchey’s Life

The solo debut recital recording by Taiwanese pianist Evelyn Chang is an ingenious blend of Eastern musical poetry and Western colours, drawing attention to the artist’s musical and cultural roots. Trained at the Purcell School and Royal College of Music, Evelyn has enjoyed many fruitful collaborations with contemporary composers. Poets from the East developed out of her love for miniatures and Eastern sounds which as displayed here form a collection of beautiful tone poems. This recording represents an emotional and personal journey for Evelyn, displaying her skills not only as a virtuoso but also as an artist fully understanding the vocabulary of each of these works and exploring her experiences in Western Culture.

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