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Everything Is Connected: Body Mapping for Musicians
Most people, including musicians, don’t really take any notice of their bodies until they feel pain or are injured. Athletes on the other hand tend to have a far greater awareness of the body, in tune with its mechanisms and
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Always Wanted to Learn How to Read Music but No Time to Try? Some Fun Hints
I started the piano when I was five. My parents, both musicians, sensed I had talent because after my mother taught a piano lesson I would pick out the tunes with my pudgy little hands. But my first lessons were
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Black Composers Matter
Protesters across the United States have taken to the streets in the wake of George Floyd’s death demanding an end to police brutality and systemic racism. And as the international human rights movement “Black Lives Matter,” that protest has resonated
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Playing with Dolls: The Theremin Reborn
They sit in rows, earphones on, doll in hand, and hand poised. A sound emerges, as much like singing as you can imagine. It’s a matryomin ensemble. Invented in 2003 by Japanese theremin player Masami Takeuchi, the matryomin combines two
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13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Clara Schumann
Many music lovers only know a few things about Clara Wieck Schumann: that her father forbade her from marrying Robert Schumann, for instance, or that Brahms fell in love with her. But she was more than just a daughter, wife,
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