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Nightlight – Cordelia Williams
Darkness and light pervade Cordelia Williams’ latest release, Nightlight, which explores the many facets of nighttime – its turmoil, terror and tenderness, and the longing for and consolation of light – through a programme of brooding, atmospheric and ultimately consoling
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Reflections on the Leeds Piano Competition in 2021
Murray Perahia: Winner in 1972 Since its inception, the Leeds International Piano Competition has attained a highly respected reputation as the “most coveted prize in the piano world and internationally acclaimed for introducing some of the greatest pianists of our
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Daniil Trifonov’s Bach: The Art of Life
Daniil Trifonov’s fame in the classical music scene has been skyrocketing in recent years, and to many piano music lovers, his name needs no introduction. But Bach isn’t a composer that one normally associates Trifonov with, who is more known
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The Happy Music Play Book
Cordelia Williams
There’s a lot more to making music with children than singing The Wheels on the Bus or dancing to Baby Shark. Newborn babies can detect the pulse in music and infants respond to maternal speech and singing. Many children have
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88 Days of Musical Adventures: The Jukebox Album
Tom Poster (piano) and Elena Urioste (violin)
Few of us believed the 2020 lockdown would go on for more than a couple of weeks. In the midst of the initial announcement by government, many musicians – and others – watched in horror as their work dried up
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Víkingur Ólafsson’s Mozart & Contemporaries – Daring Yet Thoughtful
First taught by his mother, Icelandic pianist Víkingur Ólafsson studied at the Julliard School under Jerome Lowenthal and Robert McDonald. The unique persona and creative genius of the pianist account for his recent rise to fame. Currently one of the
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9/11 : 20
Memorials on the Twentieth Anniversary of September 11th
Adam Swayne, piano
British pianist Adam Swayne’s latest disc marks the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 – a date which is deeply, painfully etched on our collective modern memory – and seeks to demonstrate ways in which composers memorialise or commemorate disaster through works
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The Piano: A History in 100 Pieces
Susan Tomes
It was perhaps inevitable that pianist and writer Susan Tomes would turn her attention eventually to the extraordinarily broad repertoire of the piano – her instrument, and mine, and that of countless others, both professional and amateur players. While her
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