The Benefits of Music

© Cheung Chi Wai / HK Phil

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and Hong Kong Philharmonic Chorus
© Cheung Chi Wai / HK Phil

I was looking at a listing on Buzzfeed, that news-site famous for its viral lists, on ’25 Cheat Sheets for Taking Care of Yourself Like an…Adult’ and noticed a recurring theme:

On How to Take Back your Morning: DO: Put on the Radio: Music will keep your mind focused on the tasks at hand

On 15 Minutes to Better Self-Care: 3. Listen to Music: Choose music that you enjoy; it can be music that energizes you, relaxes you, inspires you – it doesn’t matter. Take the time to focus on the music and enjoy the time to yourself

On 50 Things to Do By Yourself: 11. Listen to an album from start to finish without doing anything else

15. Create a mixed tape or playlists

On 50 Ways to Relax Without Spending Money: After Work: Listen to Classical Music before Bed

On 15 Ways to Manage Stress According to Scientists: 9. Listen to the right music: Many studies have found that listening to soothing sounds like nature soundtracks or classical music can lower stress-related blood pressure.

On 90 Amazingly Awesome Hobbies You Should Consider: Random Hobbies: Learning New Instruments

See the pattern? To start your day right, to take better care of yourself, to relax and manage stress, to find a new hobby, or just to do something by yourself, music is the answer!

Martin Frost plays Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto No. 1 KV 622 – II Adagio

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