Happy 2011!!

For years, my New Year’s resolutions have looked like this:

Get better grades;
Find a handsome boyfriend;
Increase revenues in my business;
Lose some weight;
Get married;
Have a baby;
Lose more weight;
More babies;

You get the idea.

As I reached a more mature age, I began making birthday resolutions on top of my New Year’s resolutions – probably as a way to double my efforts to reach my personal targets.

On my birthday this year, following the usual Happy Birthday song, I had an epiphany. I decided that for the rest of my life, I wanted all my days to start with an H, as in Happiness. I shared this with my Pilates master, Lisa, who kindly came up with a whole bunch of other H words – lots of motivational and indulgent ones – to get me started.

The indulgent ones are:

I love Spanish ham, with a little glass of Fino;
And listening to Haydn‘s Cello concertos by none other than my friend, Jian Wang.
I also want to read Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami;
And maybe a Hermès handbag? (Too pricey la!)

Now the motivational ones:

Do I want to be high? Definitely – with friends, while sipping a glass of champagne.
How about hilarious? I am trying hard; I think I am, although my children think I can be embarrassing.
I definitely want to be hip – it’s one of the reasons why, besides classical music, I also like Lady Gaga.
How about hot? Yes, yes, yes – I’d love to. Any tips?

I do my best to be helpful
And hospitable,
And would love to be involved in humanitarian causes.
But mostly, I want to retain a good sense of humour,
With the hope that tomorrow will always be a better day.
I want to open my heart
With honesty
And live a healthy
And harmonious life.

So to all of my dearest readers, I wish you a Happy 2011.

Live in harmony,
Love with honesty and
Enjoy music oh so heavenly.

Now, I invite you to relax with my favourite Aria, from Heaven

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Photo credit: rightnreal.info

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  1. Bonjour Juliette!

    H for Haydn….(my favorite as you know!)but also Handel, Hummel and Leopold Hofmann (Cello concertos – Naxos)
    See you soon!

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