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Christmas in Russia
If you enjoy snow-covered endless plains, quaint traditional villages or splendidly illuminated cities, the ringing of church bells, hearty foods and a swift sleigh ride, you might enjoy spending your Christmas season in Russia. But you better get the timing
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Christmas in Italy
Christmas is celebrated in many parts of the globe, but Christmas in Italy is special. Italy has had a long Roman Catholic tradition, so it is hardly surprising that the holiday takes on a special flare. From vibrant light displays,
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Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-1996)
“My Moral Duty Is to Write About the Horrors That Befell Mankind in Our Century” Mieczysław Weinberg, variously spelled Wajnberg, Vaynberg or Vainberg, encountered almost unbearable obstacles and suffering during his life. As a result he composed music with profound
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The Mozart Concerto Formerly Known as “Jeunehomme”
For well over one hundred years, Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 9, K271, carried the mysterious nickname “Jeunehomme.” That nickname turned out to be the invention of the art and music critic Théodore de Wyzewa and the Mozart specialist Georges de
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Bohuslav Martinů’s Moon Prosody
Escaping Nazi oppression, Bohuslav Martinů and his wife Charlotte arrived in Lisbon on 11 January 1942. Roughly two months later they boarded S.S. Exeter with destination Hoboken, New Jersey. As with other artists who arrived in similar circumstances, life in
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Morton Gould Goes to China
Morton Gould (1913-1996) was never afraid to mingle popular and classical styles. Equally at home with a symphony orchestra, musical comedy, film music, jazz and popular music, musical eclecticism became a hallmark of his compositional style. He once said, “I
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Pietà by Richard Blackford
A Stabat Mater for Our Troubled Times
The Stabat Mater, a Medieval hymn which portrays Mary’s suffering as Christ’s mother during his Crucifixion, has been set to music by numerous composers, most notably Pergolesi, Schubert, Dvořák, Arvo Pärt and James Macmillan. In Pietà, a new setting by
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Revisiting the Past
Benjamin Britten : A Simple Symphony
As a composer, Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) showed his skills early, composing his first works at age 5. He started piano lessons 2 years later and the viola when he was 10. In his prep school, South Lodge, Lowestoft, he wrote
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