About me-Mariko :

My name is Mariko Sato, editor-in-chief of the magazine, “ACT4”.

Graduating from Waseda University, my first career was a staff of Cathay Pacific Airways, and then started to work at a publishing company called ALC Press Inc in 1986. I worked as the executive manager of the life-style magazine “Seven Seas” from 1988 to 2000.

I became independent in 2000 and made the company, ”Impresario Inc.”

“ACT4” was launched in 2003 with the concept of sharing the joy after the good opera usually ending in ACT3. The joy is not only for opera or music, we can share the joy in books, movies and travels. And I believe the joy meeting the wonderful people would be the best of all.

I will write about what’s going on around our ACT4 and I am really honored to share the joy of “ACT4” together with you.