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Wolfgang A. Mozart and His Fellow Musicians II
Recently, Antonio Salieri (1750-1825) has gotten some seriously bad PR. But we need to be clear about the fact that he did not cause Mozart’s death. Salieri was a serious and steady man, but there is also mention of him
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Wolfgang A. Mozart and His Fellow Musicians
In the historiography of Western music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart occupies a special position. We consider him an exceptional and singular musical genius who attained the status of an undisputed superstar of Classical music. God-like status and reverence aside, we also
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MozartMania: How Well Do You Know This Beloved Composer and His Music?
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The Knowing Audience
Don Giovanni: Gia la mensa e preparata
In the dramatic final scene of Don Giovanni, Mozart includes an on-stage band, a Tafelmusik, that plays light fluff of the day for the party that Don Giovanni is planning. The music the group plays, however, may be fluff, but
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Famous Composers as Subjects of Opera
Recently, I had a chat with a young colleague who suggested that the writing of biographies of great composers was a boring myth-making exercise practiced in a cultural galaxy far away and two centuries removed. She had a point about
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Composers in the Court Room
Lichnowsky versus Mozart
A curious entry was found in a Logbook of the Special Court of Aristocrats in Vienna dated 12th November 1791. It states, “Prince Karl Lichnowsky in his case against K.K.Hof Kappelmeister Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, owing to indebtedness of 1,435 Gulden
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The Mozart Concerto Formerly Known as “Jeunehomme”
For well over one hundred years, Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 9, K271, carried the mysterious nickname “Jeunehomme.” That nickname turned out to be the invention of the art and music critic Théodore de Wyzewa and the Mozart specialist Georges de
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The Difficulty With Mozart
“The sonatas of Mozart are unique; they are too easy for children, and too difficult for artists.” ― Artur Schnabel Artur Schnabel Plays Mozart’s Piano sonata K.333 On the page the piano music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart looks simple (but
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