Schubert: Winterreise, Gute Nacht

Mark Padmore, tenor
Paul Lewis, piano

Winterreise, Song Cycle for Voice & Piano, D. 911 (Op. 89) – Book I, Gute Nacht (‘Fremd bin ich eingezogen’)

From Schubert: Winterreise (2009)

Released by Harmonia Mundi

Schubert: Winterreise, Gute Nacht

Based on poems by Wilhelm Müller.

Every time I listen to Gute Nacht, sung by Mark Padmore with Paul Lewis at the piano, I get goosebumps.

I have never heard this song sung and played with so much intensity and sensibility; there are no words to describe it, the music simply goes straight to your heart.

Good Night (Gute Nacht)

As a stranger I arrived
As a stranger I shall leave
I remember a perfect day in May
How bright the flowers, how cool the breeze

The maiden had a friendly smile
The mother had kind words
But now the world is dreary
With a winter path before me

I can’t choose the season
To depart from this place
I won’t delay or ponder
I must begin my journey now

The bright moon lights my path
It will guide me on my road
I see the snow-covered meadow
I see where deer have trod

A voice within says – go now
Why linger and delay?
Leave the dogs to bay at the moon
Before her father’s gate

For love is a thing of changes
God has made it so
Ever-changing from old to new
God has made it so

So love delights in changes
Good night, my love, good night
Love is a thing of changes
Good night, my love, good night

I’ll not disturb your sleep
But I’ll write over your door
A simple farewell message
Good night, my love, good night

These are the last words spoken
Soon I’ll be out of sight
A simple farewell message
Goodnight, my love, good night