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I spent the busiest days in April, since we had 4 big events in this month.

On April, 10th, there was the festival called “Ryukyu Kaiensai” in Okinawa.

The main event was the fireworks on the Gino-wan, the western shore of Okinawa.

What is so special about the fireworks, is more than 10,000 fireworks was risen with the music for 1 hour. Fireworks with music is so unique and impressive.

Actually I chose the classic part this year and Junko Koshino, one of the well-known Japanese Fashion Designer made the image of the fireworks with the aria from “Madame Butterfly” and “Walkyure”.

About 40 members of “ACT4” joined the event and we had a wonderful time there.(We made the tour for the members)

“Haruno Utage” which means the party at spring night was held in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo .

Gayo Nakagaki, 20 strings koto player together with violinist, Naoko Inoue, and the pianist,

Yoshihiro Ota performed on the stage with the very new born suites composed by Gayo Nakagaki. Ota played the Gershwin in the latter part of the concert.

On April 24th, there was a special luncheon with the violinist, Anne-Sophie Mutter at the private club called Ark Hills Club with members of “ACT4” sponsored by Credit Swiss.

After the luncheon, we had a chance to be part of the rehearsal, and then, to the concert.

She was on the Japan Tour 2010, and the Violin Concerto by a Russian Composer, Ms. Gubaidulina was played for the first time in Japan.

The concerto was dedicated to Ms.Anne-Sophie and I found it very interesting. She told me the concerto by Ms.Gubaidulina has similarities in the music of Bach, though there is no tonality in it.

She played Bach and then the new concerto, it was a good combination, I thought.

The CD of Bach and Gubaidulina by Ms. Anne-Sopie, USCG-1404 is available.

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