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As much as we’d like to, we can’t report on every classical music event around the world. That’s where you come in.

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  • wanted to discuss what studying or enjoying classical music means to you personally?

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Should You Sit the Piano Grade Examinations as an Adult Learner?
As a piano lover interested in getting started or as a piano learner, you have probably heard about the grade examinations offered by ABRSM or Trinity College. Praised by some and criticised by others, they are undoubtedly a well-known topic
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20 Quotes From Famous Cellists
“Playing lifts you out of yourself into a delirious place.”– Jacqueline du Pré (1945-1987) Arguably one of the best cellists in the 20th century, the brief career and short life of Jacqueline du Pré (1945-1987) are a tragic story: A
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William Bolcom and His Contribution to the Revival of Ragtime
Perhaps you have heard of Scott Joplin and one of his famous works, The Entertainer. Scott Joplin, known as the King of Ragtime, was one of the pioneers creating this American musical art form. Originally it not only referred to
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How Can Music Help to Relax Migraine Headaches?
Migraines are excruciating headaches that affect people in various ways. However, no matter what type of side effects they cause, they can be very painful and difficult to deal with. Thankfully, there are many ways to help relieve them, including
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Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler: Leschetizky’s Legacy in the United States
While Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler (1863-1927) is largely forgotten today, her tireless pursuit of excellence and extraordinary gifts as a pianist and teacher made her one of the most significant figures in the classical music world in the early twentieth century. Born
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Dragonetti: First to the Bottom
Giving Double Bass a Voice in the Mighty Strings Family
Domenico Dragonetti was one of the first bassists to highlight the impact of the double bass and expose the virtuosic nature and capabilities of its profession. His life as a musician, the people he influenced, and the music he played
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20 Quotes From 20th-Century Pianists
“Do not find yourself in the music, but find the music in yourself.”– HEINRICH NEUHAUS (1888-1964) An outstanding Ukrainian pianist and pedagogue in the early 20th century, Neuhaus was born in a musical family whose parents were both music teachers.
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A Musical Awakening: Summer at Ladevie
The titles in italics throughout refer to pieces by Claude Debussy. ‘Valse mélancolique et langoureux vertige’ (‘Melancholy waltz and languorous vertigo’) (Charles Baudelaire, Harmonie du Soir) From my seat on the grassy terrace outside Treowen Manor in the Wye, I
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