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Georg Predota

For some reason, bios always follow a predictable and rather boring format. Dr. Georg A. Predota holds degrees from blah, blah, blah, and university appointments from blah, blah, blah. His research interests and extensive publication record include blah, blah, blah and blah. By now, you are undoubtedly fast asleep! While these scholarly pursuits and achievement certainly exude a veneer of knowledge and authority—probably better call it perspective—they have no way of adequately capturing the enourmous sphere of human activities related to music that are of keen interest to me. What I can offer is an insatiable appetite for anything related to music, a blazing curiosity that is looking beyond agendas, attitudes and platitudes, the power and experience of razor-sharp observation and differentiation, and a smoldering passion for sharing my thoughts with those interested. Of course, if you’d like to see my professional qualifications, I’ll be happy to send you my CV.

Contributed Posts
Nov 11, 2020 Tōru Takemitsu
A Composer Between Two Traditions
Nov 10, 2020 Beethoven’s Lairs
“Ossolynskisches Schloß, Baden”
Nov 8, 2020 The Music of Poetry
Goethe: “The Book of Suleika”
Nov 7, 2020 Famous Composers as Subjects of Opera
Nov 5, 2020 Lawrence Power and Ryan Wigglesworth at Wigmore Hall
Nov 4, 2020 Tōru Takemitsu
Nov 2, 2020 Composers in the Court Room
Satie versus Poueigh
Oct 28, 2020 Hummel Fools Field
Oct 27, 2020 Beethoven’s Lairs
“Rotes Haus, Alservorstädter Glacis 173”
Oct 25, 2020 The Music of Poetry
Alfred de Musset: “La coupe et les lèvres”