Libertango Fun With My Daughters During Lockdown

Like the rest of the world, we felt deeply affected by the coronavirus crisis and when my youngest daughter started taping tissue paper as masks for her toys, I thought of doing a family project involving music, as a sort of vehicle to express our emotions and hopes during these trying times. We searched through our sources of creative inspiration and Yo-Yo Ma’s recording of Libertango came to mind. According to Wikipedia, Libertango is a combination of “Libertad” (Spanish for liberty) and “Tango”, which symbolises the composer Astor Piazzolla‘s break from the Classical Tango form. Liberty is a word I think we all desperately need – liberty from oppression, pandemics, quarantines and lockdowns.

It took us about a month in total, from score arranging and rehearsing, to shooting and putting it all together. There were many times I just left the camera rolling and had creative gems of my kids fooling around with toilet rolls, trying out the musical themes on a toy keyboard, dancing or just goofing around. The whole project was tremendous fun and everyone learned so much from it.

I was a professional clarinetist in Singapore for about six years as a young adult, but I haven’t played professionally for 15 years. It feels a bit like I did abandon my instrument and I do regret it, but after moving to Denmark three years ago, I found time to reacquaint myself with my long-forgotten musical companion. Much to my surprise and relief, the music never left me.

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