Why We Like Certain Music: The Brain And Musical Preference

Most classical music lovers can rattle off at least a few different reasons why they love the genre that spans many centuries of Western music. They might list objective reasons like its musical sophistication as compared with the usual pop radio fare, or the studies that talk about relaxation and/or mental stimulation associated with listening to classical music. They may talk more subjectively about the emotions it evokes.

Science, however, tells us that the roots of musical preferences lie much deeper in the very brain itself. Before there can be any emotional interpretation of the music, the sound is processed by the auditory system. It’s an area where the research is in its infancy, and ongoing. Emily Hurwitz, an undergraduate researcher in the Music Cognition Lab at Cornell University, describes it in a recent interview with the Cornell Sun. Full story.

Anya Wassenberg (Ludwig van Toronto) / May 31, 2019

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