Well targeted music playlists can help dementia sufferers

music playlists can help with dementia according to a new study

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Music’s benefit to dementia sufferers is the subject of a new study at Western Sydney University’s MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development. A team of researchers there trialled individually tailored music playlists among 58 dementia subjects across NSW over a 6-week period and found that their use improved their quality of life.

The team has been developing a practical guide that assists carers select music that works most successfully for each sufferer based on their individual preferences and needs. Called ‘Music Playlists For People With Dementia: A Guide for Carers, Health Workers and Family’, this guide uses evidence-based methods to help with music choices based on criteria such as mood and tempo.

The dementia subjects in this study were chosen randomly from residents at aged care facilities and in home-based care in NSW, and the results were highly encouraging. The study concluded: Full story.

Graham Strahle (Music Australia) / October 26, 2020

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