Tips for getting your kids to love music education and learn an instrument

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Many parents these days want their children to participate in extracurricular activities and music is one such activity that kids would love to learn and indulge themselves. The sonic curiosity and the sheer thrill of being able to play an instrument, being inspired by their favorite artist/band/film/tv show, having an inclination towards music, a keen interest in music creation; or to be able to sing or play a favorite song for friends are some of the reasons kids love to learn music.

As a parent, get involved in arts/music and the process of learning music as an enthusiast –

There is no fixed age for learning music. You can learn music whenever and I would personally suggest the parents sit through with their kids when they are practicing music at home. Kids love it when they teach something to their parents and they could genuinely ask their children to teach them every tune/scale/song or whatever they learn in class. This becomes a fantastic family bonding activity and the practice session ends up being a lot more productive for the child and the parent to understand how much their child is inclined towards the instrument. Full story.

Sidharth Kadadi (The Times of India) / April 9, 2022

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