This piano doesn’t have any black keys. How will it sound?

This piano doesn't have any black keys

This piano has no black keys. Picture: Micronet Co., Ltd. / YouTube

It’s just like a regular grand piano… but all the keys are white.

A full-size grand piano has 52 white and 36 black keys. But what would happen if you took away all the accidentals?

This curious Sinhakken model, spotted by a pianist at a Musical Instruments Fair in Japan, does just that.

With no black keys fitted, the 52 white keys take up the full space of the keyboard. With no tail to allow space for black keys over the top, the keys are ‘all head’, so to speak – full oblongs, the same width from top to bottom. Full story.

Maddy Shaw Roberts (Classic FM) / July 30, 2020

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