The Surprising Influence of Classical in Metal Music

Photo of Alex Skolnick playing an electrical guitar

Alex Skolnick (Photo by Em Coulter)

To most observers, the world of classical music and that of hard rock, particularly heavy metal, could not seem more disparate.

After all, classical music represents order: Old World instruments creating harmonious symmetry to a well-dressed audience seated and so silent that an inopportune cough can draw the ire of fellow concertgoers (or worse, the conductor). By contrast, a metal concert can feel like chaos: Modern Age electric instruments plugged in and played a volume so searing that a cough (or a yell, for that matter) is indecipherable, to a standing t-shirt clad audience pressed against the stage, whirling in a hurricane of humans or flinging themselves off said stage. One can be forgiven for failing to see any common threads between these two seemingly divergent entities. However, a closer look reveals evidence to the contrary. Full story.

Alex Skolnick (WQXR) / February 24, 2022

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