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International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs


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Category: Piano
Date: May 24 to 30, 2020
Country: United States

Perhaps the term “outstanding amateur” raises a lot of eyebrows- and even more confusion stirred by its definition as “Our definition of an “amateur” is one who says he or she is an amateur.” To express this in simplicity, the competition is exclusively dedicated to people who play the piano as a serious pastime. A diverse background in candidates thus results- whilst some possess advanced degrees in music, others never receive professional training. And all are welcome to be united by their passion to classical music-making via this event. Contrasting against most international piano competitions, a minimum age of 35 is required for application. The fact that applicants are required to play the piano for pleasure and dedication to the instrument and its repertoire certainly ensures a showcase of some genuinely heartfelt musicality.

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