The Equivocal Business Of Women In The Music Industry

Image of Clara Schumann featured on the 100 Deutsche Mark banknote from 1989 to 2002 (1835 lithograph by Andreas Staub)

Do you recognise the woman on Germany’s 100 Deutsche Mark bill? It’s Clara Schumann, one of the few known female composers and pianists of classical music. Few women in the 19th century made it to fame in music-related professions. While Clara Schumann was not as known for her own compositions during her lifetime, her recent bicentennial birthday provided an opportunity for many organizations—like the German Opera Berlin—to take pause and reflect. Where are women in today’s music industry?

Last week’s revelation of the 2020 Grammy nominees had good news: five of the eight Album of the Year nominees are women. Moreover, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga could all move-up the List of Female Artists With the Most Grammys.

Surely, today’s global music industry is largely welcoming women artists at the top? Not so fast… Full story.

Carmen Niethammer (Forbes) / December 1, 2019

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