Teaching Young Musicians How To Overcome Performance Anxiety

pianoAs any performer will know, being attacked by nerves when facing an audience can be one of the most alarming experiences. A welter of fears and anxieties can brim up and conspire against one giving of one’s best. A critical thing for the young musician is to learn to deal with the debilitating and demotivating effects this can lead to, yet so often it is left up to the individual to find her or his own solutions.

Clearly a supportive teacher who can teach the student a range of strategies to deal with nerves can be the biggest help, and that’s where a new booklet published by the Incorporated Society of Musicians in the UK comes in. Performance Anxiety: a Practical Guide for Music Teachers, written by Dr Alison Daubney (University of Sussex) and Gregory Daubney (a performance psychologist), is aimed at giving music teachers a range of practical strategies to pass onto their students. Full story.

Graham Strahle (Music Australia) / May 8, 2017

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