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Playing Along with The Mozart Effect
If you want music to sharpen your senses, boost your ability to focus and perhaps even improve your memory, you need to be a participant, not just a listener.
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Software Helps Novices Pick Up Instruments
It fuses intricate classical music compositions and the simplistic iconography of a PlayStation. It allows the most unmusical people to play Beethoven in minutes. It has caused a revolution in how music is taught across Europe. And now it is
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The Songs We Don’t Sing
I have been watching, in amazement, the cartoon Wonder Pets on the Nickelodeon children’s television channel. Demonstrating the benefits of teamwork, Linny the guinea pig, Tuck the turtle, and Ming-Ming the duckling (Ming-Ming is everyone’s favorite, and mine, too) save
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Positive Lyrics Can Hit Home with Grumpy Teenagers, study says
It’s a scenario every parent of a teenager will recognise: the bedroom door closes, a volume dial is rotated clockwise and loud music fills the room for hours at a time..
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Chopin’s Homeland is Magnet for Asian Musical Talent
Young Asian musicians are increasingly choosing Poland as the place to perfect their skills and absorb the atmosphere in the native land of the renowned 19th-century romantic composer Frederic Chopin, who is adored in Asia.  
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Harvard Examines Opening Night
The Harvard musicologist Thomas Kelly teaches a popular course, First Nights, where students study the first nights of five different pieces of music – their history, cultural context, composition, libretto, rehearsals and how the audience reacted.  
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