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Sony Records ‘Discovered Handel Opera’
BOLOGNA — “Germanico del sig. Hendl.” Since 1929 the catalog of the Conservatorio Cherubini in Florence (section “Opere teatrali”, p. 143) has listed a Handel title –“Germanico”– not mentioned in any other sources. In autumn 2009 Handel scholars* in both
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The genius composer Bach and her significant other
JOHANN Sebastian Bach died 260 years ago, and the man and his music have been well-eulogised, swathed in a “fog of sanctity”, as Martin Jarvis puts it.
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When Mahler Took Manhattan
HERE’S an often overlooked bit of music history: Gustav Mahler, who died in Vienna a century ago today, was a New Yorker for the last three years of his life and, for that brief time, arguably the most famous musician
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The Accidental Composer: Du Yun
SAN FRANCISCO — Talking to Du Yun, one gets the sense of many careers proceeding simultaneously. Orchestral music, opera, pop, performance works – all are facets of the musical life of the Shanghai-born, New York-based composer.
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