Steve Reich, Game Designer

Steve Reich demonstrates his new app.Credit Boosey & Hawkes

Steve Reich demonstrates his new app.
Credit Boosey & Hawkes

Forget “Angry Birds,” or “2048.” The latest star of a maddeningly addictive iPhone game is the composer Steve Reich.

His new free app, “Steve Reich’s Clapping Music,” challenges players to perfect the seemingly simple — but fiendishly difficult — rhythms of his 1972 piece “Clapping Music.”

In his piece, one performer claps a fixed basic pattern. A second performer begins by clapping in unison, but then starts clapping the pattern one beat off, and then another beat off, and keeps shifting until the patterns get back into sync and both clappers are in unison again. Full story.

Michael Cooper (The New York Times) / July 9, 2015

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