‘The status quo will be obliterated!’ – the inventors making their own musical instruments

A woman uses Roli’s Seaboard.

A woman uses Roli’s Seaboard.

Hundreds of people are beavering away, hoping to create their own game-changing instrument – but most won’t sell a single one. Will any change the future of music?

Subhraag Singh’s house is down a hill from a bakery in a quiet suburb of Stuttgart, where everyone’s garden is neatly kept. If someone turned their music up too loud, you imagine the neighbourhood watch would give them a ticking off. It doesn’t look like the home of the future of music. But propped up in Singh’s study is an instrument he claims will “change the way music functions”. He made it in his basement and it is called the Infinitone. Full story.

Alex Marshall (The Guardian) / November 24, 2017

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