When to Start Music Lessons: My Child Loves Music – So What Should I Do?

Kids-music-instructionThe other night, my husband and I were in a local restaurant. In a high chair nearby was an adorable one-year-old girl, be-bopping to the music on the PA system. Her hands were raised high, her feet were going a hundred miles an hour, and the biggest grin I’d ever seen on a child was spread from ear to ear. My heart instantly swelled, as I thought to myself, “That little one has rhythm in her bones!” At least half of my time waiting for the food was spent just watching her rock and roll.

Almost all children love music and so it is important to know when to start music lessons. Studies have shown that music education enhances a child’s comprehension abilities, helps them with math concepts, assists in the development of fine motor skills, and helps to build self-confidence. Many children with special needs have been known to excel at music even though they are unable to communicate or participate in regular structured activities. In general, music enhances the lives of many children and adults as well. But, when to start music lessons? Full story.

Cherylann Bellavia (Children’s Music Workshop)

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