Personalized Music Playlists Help Dementia Patients Maintain Brain Connections

ISS_12903_15492Do you ever wonder why you feel so good when you hear an old favorite song you know all the words to, but you can’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday? That’s thanks to something called the salience network in the brain, a circuit that helps us detect where to direct our attention when faced with stimuli. It’s an area of the brain that scientists believe is not as affected by Alzheimer’s disease, leading researchers at the University of Utah to zero in on the effect of personalized musical playlists on patients with dementia.

“People with dementia are confronted by a world that is unfamiliar to them, which causes disorientation and anxiety” said Jeff Anderson, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in Radiology at U of U Health and contributing author on the study. “We believe music will tap into the salience network of the brain that is still relatively functioning.” Full story.

Emily Woodruff (Being Patient) / April 27, 2018

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