Opera Singers Help Covid-19 Patients Learn to Breathe Again

Opera Singers Help Covid-19 Patients Learn to Breathe Again

The singing coach Suzi Zumpe, top left, leading a rehabilitation program for Covid-19 patients that she runs with the English National Opera. © ENO Breathe, via English National Opera and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

A six-week program developed by the English National Opera and a London hospital offers customized vocal lessons to aid coronavirus recovery.

On a recent afternoon, the singing coach Suzi Zumpe was running through a warm-up with a student. First, she straightened her spine and broadened her chest, and embarked on a series of breath exercises, expelling short, sharp bursts of air. Then she brought her voice into action, producing a resonant hum that started high in a near-squeal, before sinking low and cycling up again. Finally, she stuck her tongue out, as if in disgust: a workout for the facial muscles. Full story.

Andrew Dickson (The New York Times) / February 16, 2021

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