‘Now Hear This’ modeled itself after cooking shows. It found millions of viewers with an appetite for classical music.

Haydnhalle on Great Performances: Now Hear This

Haydnhalle on “Great Performances: Now Hear This.”
(Arcos Film + Music/PBS Great Performances: Now Hear This)

The bad news is that the entire classical music world (well, the American part, anyway) is canceled due to technical difficulties. The good news is that the entire classical music world is also technically at our fingertips, ready to play.

Between the pandemic-driven mass migration of various orchestras and organizations to online programming, the rise of specialized classical streaming services like Idagio and Primephonic and video platforms like and, and the ever-expanding (if chaotic) offerings of YouTube and Spotify, classical music has never been easier to get. Full story.

Michael Andor Brodeur (The Washington Post) / September 10, 2020

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