Never too young for Bach: Music for kids’ brain dev’t

BEYOND DO-RE-MI Nikki Junia (standing) operates Musikgarten, a school for children in the Philippines which follows an early music and movement program to enable language development, self-expression, memory skills, concentration, social interaction, among others, all in a fun setting. —POCHOLO CONCEPCION

To most Filipino parents, the future of their child is shaped by a good college education. In fact, many college graduates take up master’s degrees, and a good number continue on to get doctorate degrees to maximize their career and income potentials.

But if Nikki Junia were to have her way, she would push for an educational system that prioritizes preschool as the most important stage in a person’s development. She pointed out that kindergarten was where a child developed everything needed before proceeding to higher learning. Full story.
Pocholo Concepcion (Lifestyle.INQ) / May 19, 2019

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