Musical Education: Live or Digital?

Image By Rebecca Angel

Image By Rebecca Angel

Trick question there. ALL music learning is good. However, as a teacher of both live and digital music, I wonder which is best overall? Is using a combination pandering to the modern age or utilizing every tool for creativity? There is no doubt that our brains are wired for music; in research studies, the ties between language and music in our species are so complex and intertwined it is difficult to separate their evolution. However, last year MIT scientists were able to isolate some selective sections of the brain that were entirely devoted to music, noting, “An important question for the future will be how this system arises in development: how early it is found in infancy or childhood, and how dependent it is on experience?”

My question is what kind of musical experience? First, I’d like to note that I am not asking the question “digital versus analog.” Both are electronic: analog has variations in its signals, while digital is binary. Instead, I use the term “live” because I mean singing or learning an instrument versus creating music on a computer or utilizing digital devices to teach musical concepts. Technology is certainly used in the administrative side of music education. But as a parent, is it worth fighting with a child to practice their piano when they would rather create beats on their software computer program? If you look to science, the answer is yes; long-term music lessons are totally worth it on so many levels. Full story.

Rebecca Angel (GeekDad) / November 13, 2016

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