The music parenting tightrope

1260-Sheet-Mus-2Walking the music parenting tightrope isn’t easy for music moms and dads. Figuring out how to be helpful without turning into an overbearing nag can be tricky, especially during a youngster’s early adolescent years. Those often-turbulent years can upend many aspects of a child’s life, including music. Kids who had previously enjoyed making music may find themselves with a bad case of the doldrums, leading to a practice slowdown and threats of quitting.

For parents who sense that their threatening-to-quit youngsters really love music, the challenge becomes how to tactfully help disgruntled kids reconnect with music. A variety of strategies can work. One approach that is particularly effective involves hitting the pause button. Both parents and kids take a step back and ease up on expectations for a while. Then together they and the youngsters’ music teachers can figure out what is really going on and how to plot a new course. Below are four accounts of this strategy in action. Full story.

Amy Nathan (Oxford University Press) / January 5, 2016

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