Ally Logan from Stirlingshire returned from holiday to find a life-size model cow on the roof of his bungalow. July 19 2017. See Centre Press story CPCOW; A dad was stunned to find pranksters had hauled a life-sized model of a COW on to the roof of his cottage. Ally Logan, 56, says he was left baffled when he returned from holiday and found the fibreglass beast looking down at him. The farming auctioneer has no idea why pranksters took the time to haul the cow on to the roof but said he is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Ally, 56, made the bizarre discovery when returned home to Blairlogie, near Stirling, from a break to Greece on Sunday evening. He said: “There’s a massive fibreglass cow on my roof. It’s a complete mystery.

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