Music can help lift our kids out of the literacy rut, but schools in some states are still missing out

If we want to improve literacy, then, we need to ensure the cognitive foundations our students need are in place.


The 2005 National Review of School Music Education found many Australian students missed out on music education, with massive disparities between states. In 2020, our research for the Tony Foundation found the same issues, despite the fact that the Australian Curriculum for Music should guarantee some level of consistency.

We now have evidence that we should be concerned about music education not just for the sake of music itself, but also because of its impacts on language learning and literacy. Research about how participating in music affects the brain – a field known as neuromusical research – has taught us a lot about how the brain processes language. Significantly, it processes language in the same way as music. Full story.

Rachael Dwyer, Anita Collins (The Conversation) / February 27, 2022

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