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Marlboro Music Festival


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Date: July 15 to August 13, 2023
Country: United States

Since its founding by eminent pianist Rudolf Serkin in 1951, Marlboro Music has transformed the world of chamber music and played a vital role in developing generations of new musical leaders. Taking place each summer in Vermont, the seven-week event consists of public performances held each weekend while the school is in session. As a retreat for advanced classical training and musicianship, programmes confirmed only a week in advance from the sixty to eighty works being currently rehearsed. Marlboro Music allows exceptional young professional musicians to join with more experienced, renowned artists in newly formed ensembles. Together, they explore repertoire of their choosing in great depth and without time limits, allowing for discoveries and insights that would be difficult to obtain elsewhere. When a group achieves especially satisfying results, the work is included in a concert programme.

Mitsuko Uchida and Richard Goode have been the festival artistic directors since 1999.

Planning rehearsals and performances at Marlboro is a dynamic process. For this reason, concert programmes are determined about one week prior to the performance.

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