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Music is important in its own right in promoting young children’s cognitive development, well-being and enjoyment, says Linda Pound.

Music permeates every aspect of our lives. More than a decade ago it was found that 40 per cent of our time was lived to the accompaniment of music – you have only to look around you on public transport, in shops and on the street to conclude that this is by now a conservative estimate.

You can hear music on the radio and in television programmes and films, in cars and restaurants, and at the dentist. And as if that were not enough, you can take it with you everywhere you go. Just look to see how many people around you are in their own world of sound, wearing headphones. So, why is music so prevalent in our lives, here and around the world, and what is its function or purpose? Full story.

Rhinegold Publishing / February 4, 2020

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