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La Folle Journée au Japon

La Folle Journée au Japon

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Date: May 4 to 6, 2023
Country: Japan

Referring to Pierre Beaumarchais’ play La Folle Journée, translated as “The Follies of a Day” the La Folle Journée de Nantes was founded by René Martin in western France, it offers an innovative and unique way of experiencing classical music.

Since 1995, visitors have been presented with a new perspective on concerts that draws and educates an audience of every age by doing away with the undeviating and rather conformist rituals of conventional concerts. The profusion of events that last no longer than 45 minutes, allow visitors to renew their classical music experience at their own convenience and pursuit. The experience is enhanced with an opportunity to meet composers or members of a national music school at their own time in the beautiful city of Nantes. The exceptional venue is capable of hosting more than 270 concerts and 1800 enthusiastic musicians in direct contact with the audience making the five-days spent at the festival extremely memorable and cherishing. The festival takes pride in outplaying the prejudice that surrounds classical music, without bereaving its values. This method is made simpler through the exceptionally low prices and strong artistic demands, making it the largest classical music festival in France. The growing culture and popularity has been such a huge success that it has exported abroad, to Bilbao since 2002, Japan (Tokyo, Nigata, Biwako and Kanazawa) in 2005, Rio de Janeiro in 2007 and Warsaw in 2010.

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