Is Pandemic Brain Changing Your Taste in Music? You’re Not Alone

Is Pandemic Brain Changing Your Taste in Music?


Too much Grateful Dead? The music you loved in high school? We asked a Music Therapist why our listening habits have been so weird.

When the March stay-at-home orders were issued in my home state of Illinois, I hoped to use the extra time in my apartment to discover new music, fill in blind spots, and do deep dives on iconic artists. I thought maybe I’d finally take the time to understand why so many of my friends like Phish or tune into more NTS Radio DJ sets. While my inability to tackle the former probably has nothing to do with the pandemic, none of those goals panned out. Aside from checking out new releases for work, I’ve spent my free time either watching movies or staring off into space. Since March, what I listen to has been wildly inconsistent—last week I was just stuck on listening to Bill Evans’ jazz catalog and the new Fleet Foxes LP but today I haven’t had the desire to anything at all—and as it turns out, I’m not alone. Full story.

Josh Terry (Vice) / October 2, 2020

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