How Learning An Instrument Helps People With Disabilities

An adult learning piano

It’s never too late to learn to play an instrument. (Image via Unsplash)

Everything from just making sounds to the actual process of practicing can be life-changing.

I used to beg my mother for piano lessons. Many of my sisters danced and I wanted to understand the feeling of grace that I assumed they felt on stage. I never did feel the grace of dancing on stage, though not from a lack of recitals. I had difficulty remembering dance routines and I did not like sitting still through practice. I wanted to dance after all.

It seemed I, a young child with ADHD, would never feel graceful. Or so I had thought. Learning a musical instrument opened doors I had never imagined; it calmed me and gave me the encouragement I needed to pursue new opportunities. Full story.

Rose Younglove, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Study Breaks) / April 30, 2020

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