Historic Labels: An Enlightening Sonic Window to the Past

Dive into the world of historic recordings.

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Looking for a time-traveling adventure? Dive into the world of historic recordings.

The most dramatic evolution in the classical recording industry has also been the quietest — partly because the most glamorous figures involved are long-ago deceased.

Technically, Arturo Toscanini (1867–1957), Leopold Stokowski (1882–1977) and Wilhelm Furtwängler (1886–1954) are indeed dead. But technologically, they’re more alive than ever among the prestigious handful of historical recording labels (chief among them Pristine Classical) — so much so that a fellow collector I know is afraid to open the door to historic recordings for fear that he’ll never come back. Full story.

David Patrick Stearns (WQXR) / October 27, 2020

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