Here’s what the stark gender disparity among top orchestra musicians looks like

Men at work.

Men at work.

This fall, the world’s great symphony orchestras will open their 2018-19 seasons. And just as they have for decades, many of them will be sharply segregated by gender.

Men will again make up the majority of brass, woodwinds, and percussion players, and most harpists will again be women.

Quartz at Work examined the instruments played by the musicians of the world’s 20 greatest orchestras, as ranked by the UK’s Gramophone magazine, to understand how gender shapes their composition. Where we could, we looked at the individual musician pages to determine each musician’s gender, and excluded one orchestra that didn’t list individual musicians: The Saito Kinen Orchestra in Japan. When musicians didn’t have their own pages, we searched for their images. If we only had their name, we determined if the name was more likely male of female. (We weren’t able to account for non-binary gendered people.) Full story.

Oliver Staley & Amanda Shendruk (Quartz at Work) / October 16, 2018

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