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Haydn & The Prince

Time:4:30 & 7:30PM
Venue:Concert Hall, HK City Hall
Presenter(s): City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong
Artist(s):Philip Chu, Marc Ngan, Jessica Ng, Candice Moore, Matthew Creed, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong


HaydnSymphony No. 30, Alleluja

Symphony No. 39

Symphony No. 67

Symphony No. 13

Symphony No. 48, Maria Theresa

Symphony No. 73, The Chase

Symphony No. 60, Il distratto

String Quartet in E-Flat, The Joke

Symphony No. 45, Farewell

Symphony No. 96, The Miracle

Symphony No. 94, The Surprise

Symphony No. 101, The Clock

Symphony No. 104, London

(excerpts only)


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