From Lawn Mowers To Rock Concerts, Our ‘Deafening World’ Is Hurting Our Ears

Harsh ambient sound from even small household appliances, such as food processors and hair dryers, can reach levels that lead to permanent damage, hearing specialists say.
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Our ears are complicated, delicate instruments that largely evolved in far quieter times than the age we currently inhabit — an early world without rock concerts, loud restaurants, power tools and earbuds.

Writer David Owen describes our current age as a “deafening” one, and in his new book, Volume Control, he explains how the loud noises we live with are harming our ears.

“When we talk about age-related hearing loss, the assumption is that this is something that happens to old people,” Owen says. “It is something that happens to old people — but it’s something that’s caused by things that we do when we’re young.” Full story.

Alex Lavoie of Landr (Hypebot) / June 11, 2019

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