More Than An Elective: Why Music Education Is Essential

musiceducationWith budget cuts, a changing curriculum and myriad other factors playing into the modern school day, it may come as no surprise that courses in music, art, vocational trades and more are often on the chopping block, considered as electives that are not paramount to student success.

As musicians and music lovers ourselves, we understand this to be fundamentally wrong. Rather, music education extends outside of the classroom and can positively affect lives long after the school bell rings and it’s time for dismissal. Even if your child isn’t the next Sting or has zero interest in pursuing music as a hobby or career, there are reasons why attendance in these courses should be required, considered just as vital to a well-rounded education as math, science or reading. Let’s take a look at a few top reasons why. Full story.

Music Think Tank / August 19, 2018

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