Should Education Focus Less On The Creative Arts, More On The Art Of Creativity?

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We have a problem in our country right now. Like the energy crisis of the 1970s, we now have a creativity crisis brewing in our schools. And in as little as ten years it will directly affect all businesses, particularly in marketing. However, I have a possible solution. Let’s reframe how we look at creativity in public schools from a series of downstream talents (e.g. music, theater and the visual arts) to a more upstream lifeskill that can be applied to all aspects of a student’s life (including, but not limited to the arts).

And it starts by looking at what “creativity” is today in schools.

Playing the trumpet is not creativity, it’s a talent.

Learning to read musical notes and then learning to play those notes in the desired rhythm is not creativity, it’s a talent. Those with more talent are better able physically to get the trumpet to do what they want than those with less talent. Once the trumpet playing is somewhat mastered, original thinking can be applied. Make up solos, make up songs, play in a improv jazz band. Full story.

Will Burns (Forbes) / August 7, 2017

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