Conservatories at the Crossroads

Jenny Bilfield Credit: Toni Gauthier

Jenny Bilfield
Credit: Toni Gauthier

Every few years comes a knock on the door from critics newly convinced that music conservatories have become irrelevant, and that even the best ones — despite all the hoopla in recent years about courses in entrepreneurial skills — are still too focused on learning how to “wiggle your fingers.”

This concern is tied to that broader conviction, brooded over to death these days, that “classical music is in crisis.” Incidentally, renowned columnist and critic Greg Sandow made that very argument once more in a 2011 blog, writing that in stark contrast to the classical music culture of three-legged stodgies in black tie, the broader culture seems “more informal than we used to be, more spontaneous, more widely creative, and — not least — far more diverse.” Full story.

Mark MacNamara (San Francisco Classical Voice) / 21 April, 2016

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