Commentary: Classical streaming has arrived. How do the new services stack up?

Classical music finally has taken a big digital leap in streaming.(Illustration by Alex Nabaum / For The Times)

The history of classical music is that of progress, be it advancements in harmony and form, the invention and development of instruments, or the technological innovations of recording and broadcasting.

The first bankroll-able recording stars were classical artists such as the operatic tenor Enrico Caruso. The LP came about because symphonies, sonatas and operas required dozens of 78-rpm discs. The Walkman was the brain child of a Sony executive who wanted a private way to drown out his kids’ pop music and listen to chamber music in peace. The CD digital sampling rate was selected so that a specific Herbert von Karajan Berlin Philharmonic recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony could fit on a 4.72-inch disc. Full story.

Mark Swed (Los Angeles Times) / August 29, 2019

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