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Bach and Beethoven – a legal comparison
Hans von Bülow famously said that in piano music “Bach is the Old Testament and Beethoven, the New Testament”. With all respect to the great man, I would content that a better framework to compare the two is not a
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A Minimalistic Mountain out of a Molehill?
Something out of nothing Processes processes processes Repetition Inspiration Are you confused yet?
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20th Century Studies – Is Serialism Serially Dull?
Love it or loathe it, serialism happened, and no matter how loudly you shout ‘la la la’ with your ears covered, it’ll still be there when you stop, staring you in the face more intently than ever. A lot of
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Medieval Music is SO Boring!
Le remède de fortune
Qui n’aroit autre deport – Lai Tels rit au main qui au soir pleure – Complainte Joie, plaisence et douce norriture – chanson roial En amer a douce vie – Rondelet Dame de qui toute ma joie – Ballade Dame,
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Practice makes perfect…but what makes perfect practice?
There’s one word that many musicians fear, a word that strikes terror (or boredom) into their hearts. Of course, I can only be talking about practice. Why do we hate it so much? It’s a necessary part of every musician’s
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The Lang Lang Effect – Good, Bad or Ugly
First of all, I have to declare that I am definitively not a fan of Lang Lang. As a matter of fact, I strongly dislike his public image, his musical taste, what he has to say with his music, and
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