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Listen Hear: Protecting Your Most Precious Sense,
Part 2
Nearly every day I see large advertisements promoting hearing devices. There is certainly a need. Hearing plays an essential role in communication, language development and learning. Even a small amount of hearing loss can have a profound, negative effect on
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Listen Hear: Protecting your Most Precious Sense,
Part 1
Without music life is unthinkable. Audience members and musicians are passionate about it, yet few people realize that decibels can be dangerous! Our world is toxically noisy and our hearing is jeopardized on a daily basis. The majority of cases
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Ulnar Nerve Entrapments
Injuries among musicians occur mainly due to overuse. Repetition, excessive force, poor posture, awkward positions, and little respite from our wonderful profession when stirred into the mix, is a recipe for disaster. Half of the injuries seen in musicians are
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Essentials for Good Posture
Looking good, feeling good and sounding good are inextricably linked when it comes to playing our instruments. We strive to play with “good technique” but do we have the same commitment to play with good posture? Good posture helps our
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Why It May Hurt to Play
Ravel : Bolero Sibelius : Oceanides We musicians just want to make music. We are willing to self-destruct if need be. But the goal is to re-create great music with ease and expressiveness. It’s vital to keep in mind that
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